Message from the Chair of the Interim Board

June 9, 2019

This year has been a challenging one for the interim board of the Top of the South Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust that comes formally into being on July 1. The interim board members comprise committee members from the three smaller Neighbourhood Support organisations in Marlborough, Nelson and Waimea. The first interim board meetings took place in April and May on Zoom as Covid-19 where many of us had to come to terms with a new way of communicating remotely.  Thankfully, post lockdown we have been able to meet in person in June with David joining us from Blenheim on Zoom.

Our principal task over the past few months has been to develop a governance manual and a wide range of policies and procedures covering the areas of finance, management and human resources. A grant from the Working Together More Fund enabled us to engage a consultant to draft all the documents, prior to a sub-committee undertaking an initial review before the raft of documents were reviewed and signed off by the board over the course of several meetings. These policies and procedures will enable the new regional organisation to function fairly and effectively, taking account of all relevant and current legal requirements. They will also provide members of the board with the security of knowing that we have a clear framework to guide our decisions.

The interim board is now engaged in developing a recruitment policy and procedures to enable us to appoint a permanent board by the end of the year with a mix of skills and experience who are committed to supporting our staff in taking the new regional organisation forward in 2021.

Lys Bradley

Chair of the interim board


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